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Media organisations looking to contact Jill Saward can do so through Gavin Drake:

Jill has an ISDN line at home.

T: 07795 570301

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  1. Geraldine Moore says:

    I’m not a media outlet, just an individual who suffered a huge miscarriage of justice in September 2014, after an eight-year fight to get my case to court (including a two and a half year battle taking the CPS to court after their original wrong decision not to allow it to proceed). Despite having nine witnesses for my evidence (he had none), plus leading Barrister Sasha Wass prosecuting, the Jury after two days deliberations returned with a non-guilty verdict. I’d been told by my police team that even his own Barrister had conceded defeat in an out of court conversation with Sasha Wass the night before the summing up. We all expected the guilty verdict and the Judge had reminded the Jury three times about the Joint Enterprise Law; I had been gang-raped by four men in total so even if he was pretending he didn’t take part (AND admitted he stopped me leaving the room when it was finally over) he should have been found guilty under that law alone. Even the Judge raised his eyebrows at the verdict and to say it was a profound shock to us all is an understatement. He gave the names of the other three men (who’d already been interviewed in 2007 but not enough evidence to include them in this trial) and the frustrating thing is that we cannot go after those three men because this one wasn’t found guilty. If he had been, the other three would also be standing trial. I’m told the only way I could have a re-trial is if more evidence comes forward from other possible victims, as it seems I wasn’t the only one to suffer such violation at the hands of these four. If you know any journalist who’d be willing to do an article for me, in an attempt to encourage other victims to come forward, I’d be grateful for your help. However, the main reason I was hoping to be in touch with Jill was due to the JURIES petition, which I’ve shared on Facebook and many friends and family have now signed. It is badly needed and I wanted to offer my services, in any way possible, to help with this wonderful attempt to educate future juries, so that no other women have to go through what I am still going through. I really hope I will hear back from you, even to let me know I’m not needed. Many thanks for “listening”…. Kind regards, Geraldine Moore.

  2. Philip Thomas says:

    I read your comments today in the light of Ched Evans’s acquittal of rape. It seems to me that you made an error in assuming his guilt was proven beyond a reasonable doubt when he was originally convicted. It seemed to me odd that two men could have sex with a woman and one could be convicted while the other was found not guilty. You are right to continue to campaign for change but that change needs to come through education and removing the causes of crime, including the shallow sexual programmes which appear with foul and blasphemous language on TV and the stupidity of using social media. Women have a right to be respected as persons not just treated as sexual objects. Continue with your work, most men support you.

    • Jill Saward says:

      When someone is found guilty of a crime it has to be beyond reasonable doubt, otherwise a conviction is not possible.

  3. Philip Thomas says:

    If that were true Jill there would never be any miscarriages of justice. Juries are notorious for misreading, misunderstanding and being misled by our adversarial system which appears to grant lawyers the freedom to say anything they wish in order to either gain a conviction or secure a not guilty verdict. Regrettably the truth often goes out of the window on such occasions as has happened many times as evidenced by the cases of Salem Witch Trials, Derek Bentley, Stefan Kiszko, Sally Clark and Stephen Downing amongst many others.

    What Ched Evans did was morally wrong but that absence of morality requires people to stand up and say our society is corrupt rather than refuse to say anything because of political correctness. Thus while I support your work I believe a much broader view is necessary if the elimination of rape is going to be achieved.

  4. sharon wilkie-jones says:

    So sad to hear the news today about Jill. I lived in Ealing in 86 and was so shocked and horrified about what happened to her. Jill’s ability to forgive is a light that can never be extinguished. God’s Blessings to Jill and her family.

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