Jill Saward’s funeral

The funeral of Jill Saward will take place
at midday on Tuesday 17 January 2017
at Lichfield Cathedral, Staffordshire.

(The Close, Lichfield, WS13 7LD)

All those who knew and loved Jill are invited to pay their last respects.

Come as you are:

  • If you are mourning and grieving, and want to wear black or dark clothes;
    do so.
  • If you want to celebrate her life and all that she was, and want to wear bright clothes;
    do so.
  • If you want to make a statement against sexual violence, and want to wear purple;
    do so.
  • If you want to celebrate the life everlasting with God through Christ that Jill is now experiencing, and want to wear white;
    do so.

Just come as you are and as you feel comfortable.

We are not encouraging people to send flowers, but if you want to; do so.

There will be a voluntary retiring collection for the mission and ministry of the Cathedral Church.

In addition, people who wish to make donations in memory of Jill are invited to select one of the following three charities which encompass much of her life and work.

  • Cambrian Coast Evangelical Trust (Nefyn Beach Mission)

    Jill has been involved in the Nefyn Beach Mission in North Wales since she was a teenager – firstly as a team member and in later life as a supporter of the mission. Jill was well known in Nefyn – both with the beach mission family and also with many of the people who live in the town. Although only a visitor, it was in Nefyn that Jill felt most at home.The beach mission is run through Scripture Union; and supported by CCET. Amongst its activities, CCET owns and maintains Pendorlan, the house in Nefyn which is used as the base for the beach mission; as well as two houses in nearby Abersoch.

  • Ehlers-Danlos Support UK

    For the past eight-years or so of her life, Jill was suffering from acute pain and fatigue caused by complications from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a genetic condition related to the body’s use of collagen.Jill had received support and guidance from Ehlers-Danlos Support UK, and was also supporting them – most recently through the Christmas Tree Festival at St Luke’s Church in Cannock.

  • Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre (Merseyside)

    Outside of her family and friends, Jill was most known for her personal support for victims of rape and sexual violence; and her campaigning and advocacy work in this area. There are many good national, regional and local charities working to support victims.If you wish to make a donation in Jill’s memory to this area of work, the family invite you to support RASA (Merseyside). Jill was born in Liverpool and lived in the city for the first two-years of her life. Liverpool provided temporary sanctuary at one of the times she felt most vulnerable. And she supported this centre when it had a sudden funding cut.

Collection boxes for these three charities will be available at Lichfield Cathedral for those attending the funeral service. Online donation links will be available here within the next day-or-so.

Please note: if you are attending Jill’s funeral, please use city-centre car-parks as there is no parking available in The Close.

NOTE TO MEDIA: journalists and media organisations who wish to attend are asked to contact Pete Bate, director of communions for Lichfield diocese: Email: pete.bate@lichfield.anglican.org
Tel: 01543 306292
Mob: 07754 785865.

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  1. Sue Lancaster says:

    Thanks big G

  2. Rev John R Green says:

    Would anyone happen to be driving up to the funeral from the London area that I might get a ride from? I’m quite happy to leave early and come back late, whatever schedule you might have. I am located very near Junction 25 on the M25. My e-mail address is RevJohnRGreen@gmail.com . Thank you.

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