It’s not always PTSD, sometimes you are just sad

This is just a quick post, but one that I was reminded of today. We very rarely talk about being sad; these days it is okay to be depressed, or anxious but rarely do we accept that sometimes we can just be sad.

It is important when talking to those who have been raped to realise this. It isn’t always about the rape, it may be, but also it could be something quite different. It could be that something else has had an impact on someone. So you should never make the assumption. Ask the questions, give space, give a hug (if required) but don’t always put it down to PTSD

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  1. Martin Brook says:

    Hi, It was me that gave you a hug as you left St Ffraids with Andy the Bishop.
    I can`t tell you how i admire you for what you are doing, you must be one heck of a strong lady with the Lords help, bless you. If there is anything I can do to help please let me know?

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